Big Brother - Big Sister (Growing Up)

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  1. Stories from Young People

The In-School mentoring program provides youth with a role model and a friend to talk to and share the experiences of growing up within school grounds.

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For one hour a week, mentors meet with their mentee and engage in activities such as board games, crafts or just hang out on school grounds. The In-School mentoring program requires a weekly visit of one hour for the duration of the school year. Matches do not meet over the summer break or during other school holidays.

Stories from Young People

Go Girls! The single, most important goal of the program is to positively shape the lives of young women and girls by helping them build a positive self-image — setting them on a path to reach their full potential in life. The Go Girls! Some Bigs meet their Littles on the weekends. Some meet them in school over lunch, others get together with their Littles in the evenings.

Each match develops a schedule that works for them. Search for:.

Either way, we learn about each other through communication about expectations. Mentoring is caring about the intellectual and emotional growth of a child. I consider doing it well akin to a well-tended fire that rewards you with glowing warmth in sub-zero temperature.

Bresser Teacher. We've got BIG news! Sign-up to learn more!

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